A Level Literature

Social Hierarchy and Power in Tragedy

Aristotle wrote that since the aim of a tragedy is to arouse pity and fear through an alteration in the status of the central character, he must be a figure with whom the audience can identify and whose fate can... Continue Reading →

Seeing and Blindness in Tragedy

The theme of seeing and blindness is a key theme in dramatic tragedy as it provides an excellent motif for knowledge - or the lack of it. Failure to 'see' the truth until it is too late is a common... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with Crime Fiction

    The holidays are a great time to be indulging in my favourite literary genre - which happily turns out to be the main focus of the year 13 English Literature exam. This half term I have read the... Continue Reading →

No Wide Reading year 12? That’s a tragedy!

 As your year 12 exam is focused entirely on the tragic genre, it is important to develop a wider sense of what is meant by tragedy in Literature. Although there is no requirement to reference other texts outside those you... Continue Reading →

No Wide Reading Year 13? That’s a Crime!

Unseen Crime Fiction In the 'Elements of Crime' section of your A Level examination you will be required to respond to an unseen passage of crime fiction. To be able to answer this question effectively and support your understanding of your set... Continue Reading →

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